Project managment assignment

With a single approach resulting of more than 30 years of experiment, ADT + vous provides the keys to make your decisions.

 What is a Project Management Assignment ?

A Project Management Assignment (noted MOE) is the entity retained by the owner (in rule General: the customer) to carry out the work, under the conditions of times and quality fixed by this last. Project Management Assignment is responsible for the inherent technical choices to the realization of the work in accordance with the requirements of the owner, of the regulation and standards in force.

Under these conditions, ADT + carries out a preliminary study and writes the whole of the contractual parts of the market of invitation to tender :

      Studies A.P.S. (preparatory project summary).
      Studies A.P.D. (preparatory project detailed).
      Realization of the tender documents for the invitations to tender.
      Analyze technical and commercial offers.
      Follow-up and control of work.
      Reception of work.
      Lifting of the reserves.
 Why to take a Project Management Assignment specialized in "COOLING SYSTEM" or in "AIR-CONDITIONING" ?

- to help you to define your needs.

- to study the solution most adapted to your request (technically and energetically).

- to determine the possibility of recovering existing equipment (in the case of an existing installation).

- to help you to obtain a powerful installation, of quality and entering your budget.

- to make respect regulations and standards, general and specific to the sector of the "refrigeration".

- to optimize the unfolding of the building site, by reducing the litigations between the "COLD" lot and the other trades.

- to answer all the requests of the people receiving benefits (validation of equipment, work additional, etc.).

- to control the startup.

- to carry out a reception and lifting of the reserves.