Technical / quality audit

With a single approach resulting of more than 30 years of experiment, the audit provides you the keys to make your decisions.

The ADT + company carries out audits concerning of the installations and technical equipment relating to the refrigerating circuits, energy and the fluids which surround them.

ADT + develops its audits around two large axes : Technical audits and Audits quality.

 Technical audit :

You exploit or you will acquire a cold store and you want to know his state, its performances, or you have an installation but you are not satisfied with its operation, its performances or the noise which it generates.

     We can :

                    To check its correct operation,

                    To check its general and detailed state,

                    To check its conformity with the regulations and standards in force,

                    To determine the causes of your problems,

                    You to propose solutions.

Equipped with all the means of measurements necessary to our mission, we will come on site to make statements of your installation.

After study of the various data and search for solutions so necessary, a report of audit will be submitted to you, retailer our conclusions.

 Quality audit :

Knowing perfectly the rudiments of follow-up quality, the ADT + company can help you to evaluate the speakers responsible for your refrigerating equipment while controlling :

                    The quality of their realization and/or interventions,

                    The definition and the respect of the procedures of manufacture,

                    The observance of the regulations and standards in force,

                    The good management (or realization) of the preventive and curative maintenance of your equipment.