Energy study

Whereas the price of energy increases appreciably, we note that, in a rather paradoxical way, the choice of a cold store is carried out, most of the time, only on the original cost. Out this choice should take into account the costs of exploitation and maintenance.

ADT + can enable you to optimize these power consumptions in the case :

   of a new installation.

A judicious choice of the equipment, systems and regulation to be set up can enable you to optimize consumption of energy and the lifespan of your installation from the beginning.

   of an existing installation.

An energy study can reveal anomalies in operation or the exploitation, being able to involve electric overconsumptions and possibly a type of subscription EDF not adapted.

A statement of "in situ " measurements makes it possible to confirm the suspicions of the study, and helps has the quantification of the problems and the possible solutions.

ADT + has the measuring instruments suitable with this type of studies, namely:

          - 2 power stations of acquisition (pressure, temperature, hygroscopy, interlocking on/off, etc.).

          - 1 power station of acquisition electric (tension, intensity, COS φ, absorptive power - active and reactivates, etc.).

          - 2 thermometers Pt 100 with probes platinizes,

          - 1 psychrométre,

          - several tools for digital simulation (on the year and heure/heure),

          - etc.

For information, the financing of these energy studies can possibly be partially dealt with by the ADEME or EDF (to contact us).