Engineering department

You are a refrigeration contractor, you need a technical accompaniment, and/or you wish to transmit the part of the studies of execution to a partner,

The ADT + company, extremely 30 years of experiment in the field of the engineering and design department is capable to bring an added value to you, and can make a partial or general study, for the execution, of your building site :

                    Calculations of the heat balance :

                              - refrigeration : wharehouse, cold rooms, laboratories, etc.

                              - air-conditioning : offices, process, etc.

                    Dimensioning of the refrigerating equipment :

                              - productions (refrigeration and air-conditioning).

                              - exchangers : evaporators, condensers, etc.

                    Electrical schemas :

                              - realization of the electrical schemas.

                              - determination of the PLC and/or regulators.

                    Various calculations :

                              - rules and regulation calculations : extraction of engine room, etc.

                              - sizing of the pipes (refrigeration, electrical, hydraulic).

                              - etc.

                    Project and execution drawings.


ADT + can also support you in the follow-up of realization (assistance to the technical meeting, hot line, ...) of your building site.