Technical documentations edition

You are a refrigeration contractor or you have a refrigerating installation of which you do not have technical documentations, ADT + is capable to bring an added value to you.

The ADT + company can carry out documentations necessary to the follow-up of your refrigerating equipment:

                    File of the Works Carried out (D.O.E.),

                              - under data-processing format (type interactive web page).

                              - under paper format.

                    Plans (general diagram, plan of mass, etc.) with format AUTOCAD,

                    Maintenance and/or service contract,

                              - realization of the contracts and companies consultation.

                    Technical notes of safety : bacteria, ammonia, etc.,

                    Calculations notes (sizing refrigeration pipes, heat balance, etc.),

                    Realization of application softwares,


To date, of many refrigeration contractors made us to confidence in us subcontractor the realization of the D.O.E. their new installations, that allowing them to focus itself on the startup.

In addition, national customers, to endtrust us a mission for the realization of the maintenance contracts of their equipment. Of share our knowledge of the ground, our contracts are specifically adapted with individually.
(As a rough guide : until today, no refrigeration contractor refused to sign these various contracts).