You are contractor or customer, and a dispute is profiled at the horizon. Do not wait !!!

The ADT + company can utilize its technical teams :

                    To try to find an informal agreement between the parts,

                    To emphasize the dysfunction, the defects or nonconformities with rules and regulations,


The report of the ADT + company can have a considerable weight in the exchange between the parts. Indeed, the technical team of ADT + having in its centre:


Associate member with the CNEFIC (1)

The associate members are members on standby of agréement. The technical skill of the Associate members was recognized by a commission made up members representative of the Profession of the Cold, Air conditioning, Frigorifique insulation, and Great Kitchens, as well as members of the CNEFIC. Their admission as Associate members was approved by this commission.

(1) : National company of the legal climatic genious, Refrigerating genious Experts and refrigerating insulation.
        (the CNEFIC is used the court of appeal and/or the administratifs court)