Deontological charter

Deontological charter enunciates the professionalim criteria
that the ADT + engineering company apply and defends
 Professionalism :
  • Adopt a responsible behaviour in order to preserve the reputation of the client.
  • Accept only the missions which are recovering from his competence and knowledge field.
  • Exercise mainly activities of advice and/or intellectual benefit.
 Qualification :
  • Control fundamental knowledge of his domain of intervention and/or of expertise.
  • Support his competences up to date and develop them in harmony with accepted missions.
 Confidentiality :
  • Apply the absolute rule of professional confidentiality as part of its missions, that to say not use nor disclose information and results of jobs brought to his attention, without the customer permission.
 Respect of the customer :
  • Carry missions out with the involvement for which the client is entitled to wait.
  • Refuse to intervene on missions opposite to the ethics and/or to the customer interests.
  • Restore to the customer all elements of information allowing him to make his decisions.
  • Respect choices and will of the customer.
 Independence :
  • Be exclusively remunerated by his customer. That is to say, notably refuse any remuneration, under whoever is the form, on the sale of equipment by the supplier or by third parties.
  • Act independently of any commercial or particular interest likely to have an influence on intervention, or otherwise, inform about it his customer.
  • Save the possibility of putting an end to mission in case of disagreement with the customer.
 Intégrity :
  • Refuse any advantage or arrangement which corrupts objectivity and impartiality of advice and quality of returned services.
 Contract :
  • Agree with the customer on objectives, methodology, implemented means, costs, remuneration, lenght of mission and define the borders of guarentee and insurance.
 Respect of the laws :
  • Know and respect the current laws and regulations applying to the profession of the council.

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