History of the company

 Year 1992

With more than 30 years of experiment and a few years as Technical Director, in one of the leader companies in the field of the refrigeration and air-conditioning, Mr. André TASSONE creates on May 7th, 1992 :

 The company ADT +

The initial of the company correspond to : Assistance Developpement Technique.

The purpose of the company ADT + is the realization of engineering missions in the sector of the refrigeration and air-conditioning, the energetics studies, as well as the training of professionals.   



ADT + is a private company.

The head office is located : 243, avenue Gabriel Péri - 91700 Sainte Geneviève des Bois - France.

NAF code of the company is : 7112 B - Engineering, technical studies.

The company is registered to Evry (France) under the number : B 387 845 951.

Its number of intracommunity VAT is : FR 70 387 845 951.

Its professional insurance is : QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited - police N°031.0000377

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 Year 2003

June 1st, the company ADT + appointed Mr. René PRIGENT at the post of General manager.

Fortified by more than 20 years of experiment with more half at the post of Assistant Technical Director within the company MC International (group of 1500 people), René PRIGENT intends to hold a key role in the development of the company on the market of engineering and council in energetics.

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 Year 2004

December 1st, Mr. Mathieu AUCLERC joined the company ADT + as Studies Engineer, after having passed more than 5 years within the technical direction of the company JOHNSON CONTROLS - MC International where it exerted his qualities in the field of the industrial and commercial refrigerating systems as well as in the particular sector of the ice rinks.

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 Year 2006

The ADT + company set up the offices in new premises situated to Saint Geneviève des Bois (in France - near Paris) allowing so a possibility of development in favorable conditions.

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 Year 2011

The ADT + company develops the ICE system (Integral filter of Energies Calculus) allowing surveillance and warning of the energy drift of the refrigerated installations.

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 Year 2013

The ADT + company develops the SMART system allowing the detection of leak of refrigerant by method of indirect measures according the European regulations CE N°1516/2007. The SMART system is recognized in France by the Minsitry of the ecology, of the sustainable development ant the ernergy.

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 Year 2014

The ADT + company becomes a SAS company. René PRIGENT is appointed President, and the company is transferred to Sainte Geneviève des Bois (91).

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