ICE System ®


Today, energy consumption holds an increasing importance of which can be unaware.

The cooling systems are the key post of the energy consumption of alimentary shops or in wharehouse. And following the example of any machine, the cooling systems are subject to energy drift especially since these last have a functioning 24h/24h - 365 days/year.

Company ADT + has therfore develop the ICE System (Integral filter of Energetics calculus ®) has for object to watch and to inform energy drift of the cooling system, ...



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The ICE System, which was deposited in I.N.P.I. by the company ADT + is a Expert system established on an energy modeling of the cooling systems.

Parametres taken into account are notably :

               The refrigerants.
               Ttype and mark of used compressor.
               The pressure of functioning (LP and HP).
               The external temperature.
               Information on the functioning of one or several cooling systems (maximum 2).
               Nominal energy performance.

The ICE System doesn't have relation with the cooling system watched except catches of informations (LP and HP).

Indeed, the ICE System is independent in its functioning mode and in its analysis.

Moreover, his installation is simple and quick.

Thee system reacts to energy drifts by including transitories phenomena of the installation. In case of energy drift, algorithm generates an action of ernergy drift informationestablished according to following mode :

               The red light in electrical panel.
               By cooling system : a dry contact of drift 1st level.
               By cooling system : a dry contact of drift 2nd level.

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