The ADT+ company is a formation organization, and is recognized  by the AGEFOS PME, etc. 

            "Final customers" or organizations formations :

                    Cooling systems, the hydraulic pumps, the regulations NH3 and CO2, ...

                    EASYDIS (CASINO group) - Subject : Industrial cooling system.

                    FREEZE DRYERS to -100°C.

                    Ice rink of BESANCON - Subject : Refrigerating circuits and their maintenance.

                    ATAC  - Subject : The great and medium distribution.

                    C.N.F.P.T.  - Subject : The ice rinks.

            Specific formations "refrigerating contractor" :

                    Many refrigerating contractors use ADT+ for the professional training of their technicians.

                    The tackled subjects :

                                                     the installation with ammonia (NH3) and/or alcali.

                                                     the installation with CO2.

                                                     the various refrigerating installations, expansion vlaves, etc.

                                                     the refrigerants and regulation.

                                                     the hydraulics in the refrigeration.

                                                     the automatism of the refrigerating installations, safety systems, regulation, etc.

                                                     the ice rinks : energies control, etc.

                                                     the clean-rooms.


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